11-05-2012 - Mrs Roxxy with guest slavegirl sonja


During an erotic fair at Eindhoven Mrs Roxxy had the opportunity to play a game with slave sonja. When sonja couldn't go anymore, she treated sonja brutally with many whips. As a result, blue buttocks.


20-12-2011 - You can cross the line part 02


Notwithstanding that sander has spend quite some time in bondage, he keeps challenging Mrs. Roxxy and Narcis. Of course finally they have enough. Sander has to endure their ‘wrath’ until he finally collapses (completely satisfied????)


20-12-2011 - You can cross the line, part 01


Sander tries his luck with Mrs. Roxxy and Narcis. Perhaps sander thinks that Mrs Roxxy and Narcis are not experienced because he teases and blabs all the time. In moments he is tightly bound and gagged, unable to move from his bondage.


04-11-2011 - Please me, Tease me, part 1


Size doesn’t matter. Mrs Cher and Mrs Roxxy show peter that they can put anyone in an exciting suspension. It is obvious that peter enjoys the attentions of both Mistresses.


19-10-2011 - Mrs Roxxy live on erofair. Part 2


Slave sander was once again called upon to participate in a session. This time he was allowed to serve as a horse for his Mistress.


19-10-2011 - Mrs Roxxy live on erofair, part 1


Mrs. Roxxy live in action during an erotic fair. A slave is firmly taken care of and eventually another 3 female slaves get on stage, to help her.


07-10-2011 - SM Couple, Part 3


Now both were well threaded, they are ready for some real action. He had to fuck her anale and I fucked him anale together with Mrs. Cher. For the slave it soon became too much and begged for mercy.


07-10-2011 - SM couple, Part 2


Slave ingrid was now mine. At first she had to laugh, but that was over quickly. When I finally hit her with one of the whips, i made her sing an other tune.


07-10-2011 - SM Couple, Part 1


A duo session with Mrs. Cher. We would get a visit from a slave couple and we could both enjoy our own things with this couple. First it was his turn. In this chapter, I was helping Mrs. Cher. The next session would be mine.


07-10-2011 - Red ass and back


After the bondage finally was there some time for the whip. As long as I heard no mercy, I will go on! slave sander will have some regrets